Alteryx Intelligence Suite

Last modified: November 29, 2022

Alteryx Intelligence Suite offers machine learning, text mining, and computer vision capabilities on top of the great features that are already available with your Designer license.

    What Is Included?

    Alteryx Intelligence Suite includes tools in the Machine Learning, Text Mining, and Computer Vision tool categories. Machine Learning tools include...

    Text Mining tools include...

    Computer Vision tools include...

    Why Do I See Locks on Certain Tools?

    If you have not purchased an Alteryx Intelligence Suite license, when you open a workflow in Designer that contains Intelligence Suite tools, the tool Configuration window displays a notification message to let you know that you need a license to use the tool. On the canvas, the tools appear with a lock icon and also appear dimmed to indicate that the tools are not active in the workflow. To unlock these tools, read the "How Do I Get Access?" section below.


    If you have an Intelligence Suite license, you can enter your license key in Designer. Go to Options > Manage Licenses Activate New License.

    Intelligence Suite Installer

    Note that as of the 2021.2 release, Alteryx Intelligence Suite is not included in the Alteryx Designer installer. You need to install Intelligence Suite separately. To download the installer, visit the Downloads and Licenses portal. Additionally, your version of Intelligence Suite must match your version of Designer. For example, if you have Designer version 2021.2, your Intelligence Suite version must also be 2021.2, and so on.

    How Do I Get Access?

    Alteryx Intelligence Suite is available for purchase or as a free 30-day trial. Contact your account representative to purchase a license. If you don't know your account rep or have questions about obtaining a license, please reach out via the Support Contact Portal. Select Request Access to Intelligence Suite from the form dropdown. You will receive a response from your assigned account owner who can issue you a Alteryx Intelligence Suite evaluation license.

    Software Requirements

    • Alteryx Designer (The version of Designer has to match the version of Alteryx Intelligence Suite.)
    • Active Alteryx Intelligence Suite License

    System Requirements

    To run Alteryx Intelligence Suite, your computer must meet the same system requirements as Designer. You also have to install the correct version of Designer before you install Alteryx Intelligence Suite.

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