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Last modified: December 05, 2022

Run your workflow with the Auto Insights Uploader tool to view your dataset insights instantly in Alteryx Auto Insights. This tool takes a copy of the data that is transformed in Designer and loads it into Auto Insights for you.

System Requirements

  • Alteryx Designer 2021.2+
  • AMP Engine 
  • An Alteryx Community account to download the tool if using Designer 2021.2, 2021.3.1-2021.3.5, or 2021.4
  • An active Alteryx Auto Insights account with an Administrator or Organization Admin Role. Contact your IT Admin to request changes to your role.
  • For tool version 1.214x, you must have Alteryx Data Connection Manager (DCM) enabled. To enable DCM in Designer, go to Options > User Settings > Edit User Settings > DCM. Check the boxes Override DCM System Settings and Enable DCM.  For Access to SDK dropdown, set to Allow.

Upgrade Considerations

  • To avoid workflow errors, uninstall any previous versions of the tool. See uninstall steps at the end of this article. 
  • We recommend upgrading from 2021.4.1 to the latest version of Designer as there are stability issues with this version.​


This tool is included with Designer 2022.1. Other versions require you to download the tool from Alteryx Community. Make sure you download the version that is compatible with your version of Designer. 

Designer Version Compatible Auto Insights Uploader Version Server Version
2021.2 1.213.x Not Compatible


1.213.x Not Compatible
2021.3.6 Included in Designer Install Not Compatible
2021.4 1.214.x  2021.4.2+ using Data Connection Manager (DCM)
2022.1 Included in Designer Install 2022.1 using Data Connection Manager (DCM)
2022.2 FIPS Not Compatible Not Compatible
2022.3 Included in Designer Install 2022.3 using Data Connection Manager (DCM)


    Note that you only have to complete these steps if using a version not included with Designer.

    1. Download the ZIP file from Alteryx Community. The ZIP contains both versions of the tool.
    2. Select and hold (right-click) on the Designer app. Select Run as administrator.
    3. In Designer, select File > Open Workflow > Browse.
    4. Find the Auto Insights Uploader YXI that's compatible with your version of Designer, and select Open. The tool installer displays.
    5. Select Install for all users​​​​​.
    6. Select Install.

    Dataset Requirements

    • It must be transactional or time-series data with at least 1 field configured as a date or DateTime data type.
    • Field names must begin with a letter and contain 5 words or fewer.
    • Have at least 1 numeric field to create a measure in Auto Insights.
    • Have at least 1 string field to filter and break down.
    • Remove unsupported data types–blob and spatial.
    • Maximum File Size–2 GB.

    For more information on how to prepare your data to use in Auto Insights, see Data Preparation.

    Configure Version 1.213.x

    This version is compatible with Designer versions 2021.2 and 2021.3 only.

    1. In Alteryx Designer, go to the In/Out tool category.
    2. Drag the Auto Insights Uploader tool onto the canvas.
    3. In the configuration panel, enter your organization's Host (for example,, then select Connect.
    4. Under API Token, select Click here to login and create your Access Key/Secret. A sign-in window displays.
    5. Sign in to your Auto Insights account, then select Create Token.
    6. Paste your Access Key and Secret into the Configuration panel, then select Verify.
    7. Enter a Dataset Name or select a dataset from the dropdown, then select Save.

    Now you’re ready to build your workflow.

    Configure Versions 1.214.x +

    This version is compatible with Designer 2021.4.

    1. In Alteryx Designer, go to the In/Out tool category.
    2. Drag the Auto Insights Uploader tool onto the canvas.
    3. In the Configuration panel, select Set up a Connection. Connection Manager opens.
    4. Select + Add Data Source.
    5. Enter a Data Source Name and Host (for example, 
    6. Select Save.
    7. Select + Connect Credential
    8. From the Authentication Method dropdown, select API Token.
    9. Check the Allow connection for SDK checkbox.
    10. From the Credential dropdown, select Create New Credential.
    11. Enter Credential Name.
    12. Enter your Access Key and Secret from your Auto Insights Account Settings. Learn more in the Auto Insights API Tokens article. 
    13. Select Create and Link.
    14. Select Connect
    15. Check that your connection displays in the Configuration Panel.
      Auto Insight Connection
    16. Enter a Dataset Name or select a dataset from the dropdown.

    Build and Run Your Workflow

    Auto Insights Uploader tool on the Designer canvas

    Add the Auto Insights Uploader tool as an output in your workflow. The Auto Insights Uploader tool only runs with AMP Engine. To use AMP Engine, go to the Workflow - Configuration panel > Runtime. Check the box Use AMP Engine. Then, run your workflow to upload your dataset to Auto Insights. To launch Auto Insights and view your dataset insights, select Launch Auto Insights at the bottom of the tool's configuration panel.

    An example workflow with Auto Insights Uploader

    Update Your Dataset

    To update your dataset, select the updated data source as Input in your workflow. Then rerun the workflow with the dataset you want to update selected in Auto Insights Uploader configuration. 

    Use Auto Insights Uploader with Server

    You can save and schedule your workflows that use the AI Uploader tool to Alteryx Server versions 2021.4+ to automate the end-to-end analytics journey from data to automated insights.

    Server Requirements

    To use the AI Uploader tool with Alteryx Server 

    1. Sync your credentials from Designer with Server. Go to Designer File Manage Connections to open Connection Manager. Then select Synchronize in the menu.
    2. Go to Alteryx Server > DCM Data Sources
    3. Find your data source, then select the 3-dot menu > Edit. Check the box for Allow connection for SDK. Select Save and Link.
    4. Save your workflow to Server. In Designer, select File > Save As > Alteryx Server​​​​​.
    5. In Server, either run the workflow manually or configure it to run on a schedule.

    6. (Optional) Set up an email notification for workflow failure. See the steps to do so in this Community article.


    To avoid workflow errors, you have to uninstall this tool when you want to install a new version.

    To uninstall for 1 user…

    1. Open File Explorer
    2. Go to C:\Users\YOUR_ID\AppData\Roaming\Alteryx\Tools\
    3. Delete AutoInsightsUploader

    Uninstall for all users…

    1. Open File Explorer
    2. Go to C:\ProgramData\Alteryx\Tools
    3. Delete AutoInsightsUploader

    To learn more about Alteryx Auto Insights, visit

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