Run a Workflow As a Different User

Last modified: November 29, 2022

Server supports the ability to run workflows using specific user accounts. These accounts are referred to as run-as user accounts. This allows workflows to read and write data to the program files the run-as user has access to.

A Curator (Server admin) has to configure the ability to run workflows as a different user. Go to the Workflow Credentials Setting and Add a Credential help pages for more info. Depending on how the Curator (Server admin) has configured the run-as permissions, Server users will have 1 of these experiences:

  • If your Curator (Server admin) selects the Use Default Credentials option for the Workflow Credentials Setting, your workflows will run using the run-as account specified as default by the Curator. 
  • If your Curator (Server admin) selects the Allow User to Select option for the Workflow Credentials Setting, you will have an option to select a run-as credential when saving your workflows to Server. To do so, select Always run this workflow with these credentials under Set workflow credentials and select credentials that a Curator (Server admin) has shared with you. Go to the Save a Workflow to Server help page for more info.
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