Last modified: May 19, 2023
Connection Type

Alteryx Tool. The latest version is available from the Alteryx Community.

Type of Support

Read and Write

Release Notes
Version Description
v 2.5.2
  • Compatible with Alteryx Designer and Server 2021.4.2 Patch 6, 2022.1 Patch 4 and later.

  • Requires AMP engine.

  • For Box Input, added an option include subfolders when utilizing wildcard search, downloading files locally, or when user opts to Process file as.

  • Fixed performance issue when utilizing wildcard search in Box Input. (TPM-2027)

  • Fixed issue where wildcard search was returning an error the first time workflow ran. (TPM-1847)

  • Fixed issue where Box Output failed to write various number and date-time data types into YXDB files. (TDCE-96, TPM-1958)

  • Fixed issue where workflow failed when Box Output was configured to use incoming field to dynamically name one or more output files. (TPM-1980)

  • Fixed issue where the Box configuration panel showed intermittent error when left open for a long period of time. (TFLN-1210)

Known Issue

  • Box Output fails to write fixedDecimal data type into YXDB files. (TPM-2111)

Alteryx Server requires the AllowAll value of the SDK Access Mode settings.

v 2.5.1
  • Compatible with Alteryx Designer and Server 2021.4.2 Patch 6, 2022.1 Patch 4 and later.
  • Requires AMP engine.
  • Fixed issue where the Configure File tab was resent when users pressed Enter in the File Path field. (TFLN-1209)
  • Fixed issue where reading a XLSX file with Null values resulted in error. (TDCE-92)
  • Fixed issue where a workflow run with the Box connectors using JWT authentication failed to run after a day, with the cryptography or Invalid access token error. (TPM-1802)
  • Fixed issue where Box Output failed to append data when it contained quoted delimiter character. (TDCE-28)
  • Fixed issue where Box Output either failed to write date and date-time data types, or changed the date to 70 years in the future. (TPM-1902)

Known Issue

  • Box Output fails to write various number and date-time data types into YXDB files (TDCE-96). Workaround is to output data into CSV or XLSX.
v 2.5.0
  • Compatible with Designer 2021.4.2 Patch 4, 2022.1 Patch 2 and later.

  • Requires AMP engine.

  • Added support for DCM.

    • DCM is required for running this connector on Alteryx Server.

  • Added option to overwrite only one sheet added.

  • Changed the behavior of sheet and file name field to be excluded from the written data. Added option to keep the sheet and file name field.

  • SSL/TLS validation is now performed against Windows Certificate Store.

  • FIPS capable.

  • Fixed issue with dynamic naming of files. (TPM-1688)

Known Issue

  • Alteryx Server requires the AllowAll value of the SDK Access Mode settings.
v 2.4.0
  • Compatible with Alteryx Designer 2021.4.2 and later.

  • Append and Overwrite options now create a new version of the file rather than deleting the old file and creating a new one. This preserves the file’s version history and shared links.

  • Removed the limit of 100 files downloaded from a single folder.

v 2.3.0
  • Authentication occurs using user's browser instead of embedded CEF in Designer to comply with modern security policies.

  • Minor bugfixes.

v 2.2.0
  • Added an option to pass column information (column names and data types) to connected tool without the need to run the workflow.

  • Added Dynamic Output

  • Added an option to upload local files to Box using Box Output.

  • Write Headers checkbox is now enabled by default.

  • Minor bugfixes.

v 2.1.1
  • Fixed blank screen issue when authenticating in Designer 2021.3.2.54175. Note that you also need to update to Designer or later. A whitelisting header need to be added in your Box app after you update.

v 1.0.0
  • Supports OAuth (including SSO) and Access Token Authentication Methods 
  • Allows users to download the folders and files locally. 
  • Requires Alteryx Designer 2021.3 and Later 

Alteryx Tools Used to Connect


Box Input Tool


Box Output Tool

Use the Box connector to run, schedule, and publish workflows from Designer, using files stored in your Box workspace. Supported file types are XLSX, CSV and YXDB.

Data Connection Manager

The Box tools version 2.5.0 and later support Data Connection Manager for an easier and a safer storage of your credentials. Create a connection to Box and easily reuse the stored credentials in workflows that include the Box tools. Alteryx Server requires stored credentials to successfully run the published workflows.

Enable AMP Engine

Make sure you have the AMP engine enabled for the workflows which contain the Box tools version 2.5.0 and later to leverage the full potential of Designer capabilities.

Box App Registration

  1. Log in to using your Box credentials.
  2. Select Create New App.
  3. Select Custom App.
  4. In Authentication Method, select User Authentication (OAuth 2.0). Enter App Name and select Create App.
  5. On the Configuration tab in Application Scopes, select Write all file and folders stored in Box to provide permission to the app.
  6. Select Save Changes.
  7. To generate a new developer token, select Revoke and then select Generate Developer Token.
  8. You can use Client ID and Client Secret from OAuth 2.0 Credentials for authentication.

Custom Application Setup

To avoid a Box CORS issue when using the app with OAuth authentication or Access Token and JWT, use a custom configuration:

  1. Box app with OAuth authentication:
    1. Add Redirect URI to resolve the CEF window CORS issue.
    2. Enter file://* for Allowed Origins.
  2. Box app with Access Token and JWT authentication:
    1. Enter file://* for Allowed Origins.


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