Calgary Create Link App

Last modified: May 17, 2023

The Calgary Create Link App allows the user to link Calgary Databases. By linking Calgary databases, users can easily append customer data to a static, master database and quickly query from either database.

When you create a link using this Analytic App, an option for returning linked tables will be visible in the configuration properties of individual Calgary tools such as a Calgary Input tool, Calgary Join tool, Calgary Cross Count tool, and Calgary Cross Count Append tool.

Analytic App Instructions

Go to Options Run Analytic Apps and run the Calgary Create Link app. 

Master File Tab

The Master file refers to a large, static *.cydb file, such as a U.S. Household file.

  1. Browse to the location of the Master Calgary Database file.
  2. Check the box next to the fields of the Master file to link the tables on. Make sure to only check the fields that are present in the file you want to link—otherwise Designer returns an error.
  3. Select Next.

Linked File Tab

The Linked file refers to a smaller *.cydb file, such as a State Individual file.

  1. Browse to the location of the Calgary Database file you want to link to the Master file.
  2. Check the box next to the fields of the Liked Calgary Database file to link the tables on.

Only check the fields both files have in common.


Select Finish.

The app runs and reports "No Output Files" on completion. So long as the app runs error-free, it creates these files in the Master File directory location and the Linked File directory location:

Master File Directory Location


Linked File Directory Location

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