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Last modified: June 28, 2023
Connection Type

Alteryx Tool. The latest version is available from the Alteryx Community.

Driver Details

Sign in with Google account credentials or Google API credentials.

Type of Support


Google Analytics 4 Release Notes
Version Description
  • Compatible with Designer and Server 2021.4.2 Patch 6, 2022.1 Patch 4 and later.

  • Initial release.

  • Compatible with AMP engine only.

  • Supports authentication with custom Google OAuth application.

  • Added support for DCM.

    • DCM is required for running this connector in Alteryx Server.

  • FIPS capable.

Known Issues

  • “Sign in via Browser” authentication option is not yet working. Use this guide to create your own custom app

Google Analytics Release Notes
Version Description
v8.0.0 (Deprecated)
  • Refactored authentication user experience.
  • Added ability to share a Connection Token across the Google Analytics tools.
  • Updated authentication through external browser for Designer 2020.2 and later versions.
v7.x and older versions (Deprecated)
  • Mandatory update to Google Analytics v8.0.0.


Alteryx Tools Used to Connect

Standard Workflow Processing


Google Analytics 4 Input Tool

Google Analytics Tool Icon

Google Analytics Tool

Data Connection Manager

The Google Analytics tool supports Data Connection Manager for an easier and a safer storage of your credentials. Create a connection to Google Analytics and easily reuse the stored credentials in workflows that include the Google Analytics tool. Alteryx Server requires stored credentials to successfully run the published workflows.

Enable AMP Engine

The Google Analytics tool requires the AMP engine to leverage the full potential of Designer capabilities.

Make sure you have the AMP enabled in Options > User Settings > Edit User Settings >Defaults > Use AMP Engine for all new workflows and also in Runtime > Use AMP Engine.

Sign In to Google Analytics

Google Analytics 4 Input v1.0.0 supports only the custom API app authentication. Go to Custom API Application Setup for more information how to create an app or see Hello Analytics API: JavaScript quickstart for web applications for details.

Connect through Own Google App

  1. In Create New Connection, select Connect through Own Google App.
  2. Enter Client Id and Client Secret.
  3. Select Connect.
  4. Enter your credentials and sign in.
  5. Select Continue to allow access.

Custom API Application Setup

For more information on how to build and manage an application with Google Analytics services, refer to the Hello Analytics API: JavaScript quickstart for web applications.

  1. Go to Google Console.
  2. Select Create Project.
  3. Enter a Project name and other information.
  4. Select ENABLE APIS AND SERVICES from the APIs & Services dashboard.
  5. Search for Google Analytics Data API and select it.
  6. Select ENABLE.
  7. Search for Google Analytics Admin API and select it.
  8. Select ENABLE.
  9. Navigate to Credentials and select CREATE CREDENTIALS, then select OAuth client ID.
  11. Select Internal and select CREATE.
  12. Enter App name, User support email, and Developer contact information.
  14. In the Scopes section, select ADD OR REMOVE SCOPES, and select these scopes:
    • /auth/
    • /auth/userinfo.profile
    • openid
    • /auth/analytics
    • /auth/analytics.readonly
  15. Select UPDATE.
  17. In the Test users section, select ADD USERS, enter all the test accounts you want to use for testing, and select ADD.
  19. Navigate to Credentials and select CREATE CREDENTIALS, then select OAuth client ID.
  20. In Application type, select Desktop application.
  21. Select CREATE.
  22. The console displays the Client ID and the Client Secret.
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