Hadoop Distributed File System

Last modified: May 17, 2023
Driver Details

Formatted as .csv, .avro

Type of Support

Read & Write

Validated On


Alteryx Tools Used to Connect

Standard Workflow Processing

Input Data Tool Icon

Input Data Tool

Output Data Tool Icon

Output Data Tool

In-Database Workflow Processing

Blue icon with database being plugged in.

Connect In-DB Tool

Blue icon with a stream-like object flowing into a database.

Data Stream In Tool

Kerberos Authentication

Kerberos support for reading and writing to HDFS is available via the Input Data, Output Data, Connect In-DB, and Data Stream In tools. There are 3 Kerberos options in the HDFS Connection window. The option you choose depends on how your IT admin configured the HDFS server:

  • None: No authentication is used.
  • Kerberos MIT: Alteryx uses the default MIT ticket to authenticate with the server. You must first acquire a valid ticket using the MIT Kerberos Ticket Manager.  In the output tool, the username must match the service principal name used to create the ticket.
  • Kerberos SSPI: Alteryx uses Windows Kerberos keys for authentication, which are obtained when logging in to Windows with your Windows credentials. The User Name and Password fields are therefore not available.
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