Image Settings Style Editor

Last modified: May 17, 2023

You can configure these settings to display images in reports.

  • Use Fixed Width: Use the dropdown to select either Yes or No. Default setting is No. When No is selected, the image displays at its original size. When Yes is selected, the image displays at the user-specified width, in pixels.
  • Image Width (px): When Yes is selected above, the image displays at this specified width, in pixels. The aspect ratio is maintained.
  • Show Border: Use the dropdown to select either Yes or No. Default setting is No. When No is selected, no border appears around the image. When Yes is selected, an outline is drawn around the extent of the image with the user-specified Border Width and Border Color.
    • Border Width: An outline is drawn at this specified thickness in pixels.
    • Border Color: An outline is drawn in this specified color.
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