Keyboard Navigation in Designer

Last modified: May 17, 2023

Use the keyboard to access various windows and screens in Alteryx Designer, as well as to navigate the tool palette, workflow canvas, and results window.

Navigate Designer

Use these keyboard shortcuts to navigate Alteryx Designer.

Action Shortcut
Select the tool palette. Read about the navigation options below. Ctrl+Shift+T
Select the Overview window. Ctrl+Shift+V
Select the Results window. Read about the navigation options below. Ctrl+Shift+G
Select the Configuration window. Read about the tool configuration options below. Ctrl+Shift+C
Select the workflow canvas. Read about the navigation options below. Ctrl+Shift+W
Select the Interface Designer window. Ctrl+Shift+D

Navigate the Tool Palette

Once you select the tool palette via the above Ctrl+Shift+T shortcut, you have some additional navigation options:

  • Use the Tab key to switch between the Favorites and Recommended tab and the tool categories tab.
  • Use the left and right arrows to navigate tool categories. Use the down arrow to step into a category and use the left and right arrows to navigate the tools within the category.
  • Use the Enter key to place a tool on the canvas. The tool appears on the canvas in this priority order:
    • After the currently focused tool within the in-line connection (only applies if there is a tool that follows the focused tool.)
    • Inserted into the focused connection.
    • After the last added tool. If the last tool has no output anchor, the new tool is added to the right.
    • If there are multiple input anchors on the new tool, it's added to the canvas without a connection.

Navigate the Canvas

Once you select the canvas via the above Ctrl+Shift+W shortcut, you have some additional navigation options:

Navigate the Canvas

  • Use Ctrl+Tab to cycle through your open workflows.
    • If you focus on a new workflow, the screen reader provides an "empty" message.
    • If there are already tools on the canvas, focus lands on the first tool added to the canvas.
  • Use the Tab key to cycle through tools on the workflow canvas. The tab order corresponds to the tool ID (in other words, the order in which tools were added to the canvas, in ascending numeric order.)
  • Use Shift + F10 to open the context menu for the selected tool.

Read Connections

Once you select a tool, use Alt+1 to read the top-left connection. Use Alt+2 to read the connection below, and so on. If there are multiple connections, the screen reader tells you "multiple connections" and does not read all individual connections.

Select and Follow Connections

  • When a tool on the canvas is selected, use Ctrl+Alt+down-arrow to select the anchors and their corresponding connections one at a time, starting with the topmost input and ending with the bottommost output. Use Ctrl+Alt+up-arrow to do the same, in reverse. The screen reader reads the selected connection.
  • When a specific connection is selected, use Ctrl+Alt+left (upstream) or right (downstream) arrow to follow that connection to the tool it connects.
  • When an anchor and connection are selected, use Shift+F10 to open the context menu for the connection.
  • As you select different anchors, the Results window populates with the corresponding data (assuming the workflow was already run.)

Miscellaneous Canvas Interactions

  • To effectively right-click an empty place on the workflow canvas, press Esc while a tool or connection is in focus, then press Shift+F10.

Navigate the Results Window

Once you navigate to the Results window via Ctrl+Shift+G, you have these additional navigation options:

  • Use the arrow keys to navigate the currently displayed grid.
  • The change the currently displayed grid, use the Tab key, and then use the up/down arrows to navigate to the desired grid. Use Enter or the Spacebar to select and display the grid.
  • Use the Tab key again and then use the left and right arrows to navigate and interact with the options for the currently displayed grid.

Configure Tools on the Canvas

Once you focus on a tool, use Ctrl+Shift+C to navigate to the tool's Configuration window. Use the Tab key to navigate to and edit the various configuration fields.

Select and Align Tools

Use these keyboard shortcuts to select and align tools on the Designer canvas.

Action Shortcut
Select all items. Ctrl+A
Deselect all selected items. Ctrl+D
Align tools horizontally. Ctrl+Shift+-
Align tools vertically. Ctrl+Shift++
Show the system menu. Alt+Space

Move and Delete Tools

Use these keyboard shortcuts to move and delete tools within your workflow.

Action Shortcut
Move the selected tool. Up, Down, Left, Right arrow keys.
Delete the selected tool. Delete

Scroll and Pan the Canvas

Use these keyboard shortcuts to scroll inside the canvas or pan the canvas.

Action Shortcut
Scroll vertically on the canvas. Scroll Function
Pan the canvas. Space Bar+Left Click

Show and Hide Tools and Windows

Use these keyboard shortcuts to show and hide various parts of the Designer interface.

Action Shortcut
Show or hide the tool palette. Ctrl+Alt+T
Show or hide the Overview window. Ctrl+Alt+V
Show or hide the Results window. Ctrl+Alt+R
Show or hide the Configuration window. Ctrl+Alt+C
Show or hide the Interface Designer. Ctrl+Alt+D
Show the Find tab of the Find and Replace window. Ctrl+F
Show the Replace tab of the Find and Replace window. Ctrl+H

Run, Open, Save, and Switch Workflows

Use these keyboard shortcuts to run, open, save, and move between open workflows.

Action Shortcut
Run workflow or stop workflow from running. Use the Spacebar to acknowledge the dialogue. Ctrl+R
Open workflow. Ctrl+O
Close open workflow. Ctrl+F4
Save workflow. Ctrl+S
Save all open workflows. Ctrl+Shift+S
New workflow. Ctrl+N
Move between open workflows. Ctrl+Tab

Undo, Redo, Copy, Cut, and Paste

Use these keyboard shortcuts to undo, redo, copy, cut, and paste.

Action Shortcut
Undo Ctrl+Z
Redo Ctrl+Y
Copy Ctrl+C
Cut Ctrl+X
Paste Ctrl+V

Other Shortcuts

Explore these miscellaneous shortcuts in Alteryx Designer.

Action Shortcut
Open the help page for the selected tool. F1
Open the Annotation window for the selected tool. F2
Close Designer. Alt+F4
Add a Browse tool after the selected tools. If the selected tool has multiple outputs, a Browse tool is added for each. Ctrl+Shift+B
When on the canvas, open the context menu depending on the selected item (canvas, tool, or connection.) Shift+F10
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