Microsoft Dataverse

Last modified: May 17, 2023
Connection Type

Alteryx Tool. The latest version is available from the Alteryx Community.

Type of Support

Read & Write

Release Notes
Version Description
  • Fixed blank screen issue when authenticating in Designer 2021.3.2.54175. Please note that you also need to update to Designer or later.
  • Initial release.
  • Compatible with Alteryx Designer version 2021.3 and later.
  • Built-in multitenant Azure App with an option to use custom Azure App (including single-tenant app or Service Principal).
  • Read data from selected table using Saved Queries, Custom OData queries, or Manual filters.
  • Insert, Overwrite, Upsert, or Update selected tables.
  • Proxy support.
  • Requires Office 365 with license for Dataverse.

Alteryx Tools Used to Connect

Dataverse Icon

Dataverse Input Tool

Dataverse Icon

Dataverse Output Tool

Custom API Application Setup

For more information on how to build and manage an application using Microsoft Azure cloud services, refer to the Azure documentation.

  1. Navigate to
  2. Sign in with your Microsoft Azure Active Directory account.
  3. On the Home screen use Search, or go to the upper left corner menu to open the Azure Active Directory service.
  4. Open App registrations in the left menu.
  5. Select + New registration.
  6. Specify the Name of the app.
  7. Choose your desired account type–both Single-tenant and Multitenant are allowed.
  8. In the Redirect URI...
    • Select Single-page application (SPA) from the dropdown.
    • To maintain full functionality with various versions of the connector, set the 2 URLs:
    • Since the Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) update, you must add an additional Redirect URI. Select Web Application and set the URL to http://localhost/.
  9. Select Register.
    • The Application (client) ID is your Client ID.
    • The Directory (tenant) ID is your Tenant ID.
  10. Go to API permissions to add these Delegated permissions - Microsoft Graph:
    • Files.ReadWrite.All
    • offline_access
    • openid
    • User.Read
    • email
    • profile
  11. Go to API permissions to add these Delegated permissions – Dynamics CRM:
    • User_impersonation
  12. To use service principal (app-only authentication) proceed to Certificates & secrets and add New client secret. Copy the Value as it won't be accessible again once you leave the page–this is your Secret ID. In API permissions add these Application permissions - Microsoft Graph:
    • Files.Read.All
    • Files.ReadWrite.All
    • Sites.Read.All

Create a user for your app in Power Platform and add System Administrator security role:

  1. Navigate to Microsoft Power Platform admin center

  2. Select an environment.

  3. Select Settings. In Users + permissions, select Application users.

  4. Select New app user.

  5. Select Add an app and select your app.

  6. Select a Business unit.

  7. In Security role, select System Administrator.

  8. Select Create.


Sign In Expiration

Standard sign-in (Sign in via Internet Browser) expires after 24 hours so it's not suitable for scheduling workflows. For scheduling, select Use Service Principal after you select the Provide authentication information option. Service Principal requires a custom API Application.

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