Auto Field Tool Icon

Auto Field Tool

Set the field type to the smallest possible size relative to the data contained within the column.
Create Samples Tool Icon

Create Samples Tool

Split the input records into two or three random samples.
Data Cleansing Tool Icon

Data Cleansing Tool

Fix common data quality issues including nulls and unwanted characters. Modify case.
Filter Tool Icon

Filter Tool

Use Filter to select data using a condition. Rows of data that meet the condition are output to the True anchor.
Beaker with bubbling liquid

Formula Tool

The Formula Tool uses expressions to create and update columns.
Box with rows, a plus sign and an arrow pointing downward.

Generate Rows Tool

The Generate Rows tool creates new rows of data at the record level.
Imputation Tool Icon

Imputation Tool

The Imputation tool gives the user the ability to replace a values in numeric data fields.
Multi-Field Binning Tool Icon

Multi-Field Binning Tool

This tool allows a user to tile or bin on multiple fields.
Beaker with liquid and stir-stick.

Multi-Field Formula Tool

The Multi-Field Formula tool creates or updates multiple fields using a single expression.
Liquid drops falling into a beaker.

Multi-Row Formula Tool

This tool uses expressions to create and update columns by using row data to create formulas.
Oversample Field Tool Icon

Oversample Field Tool

This tool allows for data with high negative responses to become normalized.
Random % Sample Tool

Random % Sample Tool

Returns a random sample of the incoming data stream.
Record ID Tool Icon

Record ID Tool

Use Record ID to create a new column in the data and assign a unique identifier, that increments sequentially, for each row in the data.
Three partially full beakers

Sample Tool

This tool limits the data stream to a specified number, percentage, or random set of the rows.
Blue circle with four white dots at north, south east and west. Four arrows start from the middle and point to the dots.

Select Records Tool

This tool returns records and ranges of records that are specified,
Blue circle with a white dot, a checkmark and another dot in a line.

Select Tool

The Select tool includes, excludes, and reorders the columns of data that pass through a workflow.
Blue circle with three white circles inside that are in a line increasing in size from left to right.

Sort Tool

Use Sort to arrange the rows in a table in alphanumeric order based on the values of the specified data columns.
Blue circle with a white square in the middle that is comprised of 9 smaller squares in a 3-by-3 configuration.

Tile Tool

This tool uses user specified methods to assign a value (tile) based on ranges in the data.
Blue circle with white snowflake inside.

Unique Tool

This tool distinguishes whether a data record is unique or a duplicate based on specified fields.