Failover Verification and Testing

Last modified: May 17, 2023

When verifying and testing the automated failover, it is important to verify and test all functionality utilized within your Alteryx Server environment. This would include, but not be limited to: 

Verify the AlteryxService.exe has started on the new “Owner” node (manual failover):  

  1. Open Task Manager.  

  1. Switch to the Services tab.  

  1. Verify the AlteryxService.exe status is Running

Verify the AlteryxService.exe has stopped on the old “Owner” node (manual failover):  

  1. Open Task Manager.  

  2. Switch to the Services tab.  

  1. Verify the AlteryxService.exe status is Stopped.  

Test the execution of Alteryx Workflows/Analytic Apps:  

  1. On-demand Workflow/Analytic App executions (Gallery).  

  1. Scheduled Workflow/Analytic App executions.  

  1. Workflows/Analytics App utilizing Run As credentials and/or requiring users to specify their credentials.  

  1. Workflows utilizing Gallery Database Connections (Gallery Admin Database Connections).  

Test the ability to publish Alteryx Workflows/Analytic Apps. 

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