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Use Playbooks to...

  • Identify analytical use cases and customize them to your specific company, role, and business problem.

  • Generate a synthetic dataset customized to your selected use case and build a proof-of-concept Mission in minutes.

  • Explore Missions mapped to your department goals.

  • Solve a range of problems across different stakeholders.


This feature has to be turned on by an Org Admin.

To turn on the Playbooks feature...    

  1. Navigate to your avatar in the top-right corner and select Admin Portal. Make sure you are an Org Admin. When you are logged into the Admin Portal, your role type is displayed next to your name in the top-right corner.

  2. Select Feature Access

  3. Turn on the toggle next to Playbooks.

Generate Use Cases

  1. Navigate to the Playbooks tab.


    If you cannot see the Playbooks tab, it is because the Playbooks feature has not been enabled for your company.

  2. Enter your company, role or business problem into the text field and select the Generate Use Cases button. For example, Head of Business Intelligence at Alteryx for Analytics Cloud products trying to understand the product performance.

  3. Select the Generate Use Cases button. 4 use cases customized to match the scenario in the input field will display.



    You can also select the Load 4 more use cases button if you need more use cases or add more specific information to your scenario and select Generate Use Cases button.


    The more information you provide the more customized use cases will be. For example, Head of Business Intelligence at Alteryx for Analytics Cloud products trying to understand the product performance.

Generate Reports

  1. Select See reports for your preferred use case. The Auto Insights displays a variety of reports.·     

  2. Select Generate report requires you to select the granularity. For example, daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly.

  3. Select Go to Mission. Once your report has finished generating, the report opens in a new tab. For more information, go to the Missions page.

  4. Select View Dataset Structure to view the synthetic dataset structure of the selected use case.

Playbook Dataset and Mission Maintenance

You can delete your Datasets generated via Playbooks in the Dataset tab. 

Select the 3 dots and select Delete Dataset from the dropdown.·


  • While deleting a dataset, it is a good practice to delete any Missions that are based on that dataset.

  • Deleting Datasets only works for Datasets that you created via Playbooks or for Datasets that have you listed as an owner.


What is the technology that powers Playbook, and how does it work?

Playbooks is a Auto Insights feature that uses generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) to generate dynamic content for users. Playbooks work by connecting to Open AI via the Microsoft Azure Cognitive services. An API call is executed each time an Auto Insights when you select the Generate button, resulting in content generation for the user. Read more about the Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services Open AI Service, including the FAQ here.