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What's New in Auto Insights

New Features

  • Playbooks allows you to easily identify analytical use cases and customize them to your specific company, role, and business problem using artificial intelligence. Generate a synthetic dataset customized to your selected use case and build a proof-of-concept Mission in minutes.

  • Underlying Data: Now you can see the underlying line-level raw data for a specific insight shown in Missions or Search! Go to the Show Underlying Data article for more information.

  • Enjoy increased flexibility and customization with 3 new layouts in the Mission Summary. Present data and key performance indicators (KPIs) according to your preferences.

    • The Minimalistic layout is perfect for the concise highlighting of key metrics.

    • Unleash your creativity with the Visualization layout, designed for engaging and impactful presentations.

    • Dive deep into insights with the Full Insights layout, tailored for 'what caused this' analysis, stories, and charts.

  • Collapsed View: A new collapsed Mission Summary view allows you to quickly scan the summary and decide if you want to explore specific sections in detail. To try this new view, go to any Mission and select Expanded > Collapse all pages in the top navigation bar.

  • Simplified Edit Mode: Experience a streamlined editing process with a top navigation bar that enhances awareness of the Edit mode.

  • Effortless Navigation within Mission Summary: A Jump-to-page dropdown takes you directly to a specific summary card within the Mission Summary.

  • Auto Insights now supports the ingestion and analysis of multilingual datasets. You can use accented characters (for example, à/è/ì/ò/ù), symbols, and non-English characters (for example, 自动洞察) in column names, segment values, Mission names, Magic Documents, dataset names, custom measures, goals datasets, and elsewhere throughout Auto Insights!

  • Auto Insights no longer requires a date field. Now you can upload datasets without time series data! When you select a measure from a non-time series dataset in Missions or Search, AAI automatically takes you to the Totals tab. Note that non-time series datasets do not work with Discover, Goals, or Correlation Analysis.

  • Magic Documents brings the power of Generative AI to Auto Insights! Use Magic Documents to effortlessly create your first draft emails, messages, and presentations. To try Magic Documents, go to one of your Mission Summary pages > Magic Documents and select + New document.

  • Common Cause Analysis

  • The Correlation Analysis Report template. This template identifies the correlation and underlying causes across 2 measures. With it, you can explore new use cases like...

    • Price Elasticity: Understand the impact of price change.

    • Marketing effectiveness: Compare sales or pipeline against marketing spending. Understand the impact of campaigns.

    • Performance benchmarking: Compare an organization's sales or KPIs against market indicators such as inflation, and market index.

      Magic Missions templates
  • Improved style and functionality of the Query Bar. You can now...

    • Add and remove a second query bar.

    • Rename queries in a Mission to distinguish them easier.

      Add a query bar button
    • Match properties from the first query bar to the second.

      query bar with matched properties