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Input Data Tool

Use Input Data to connect to a table to pull data into your workflow.

Tool Components

Input Data with Anchors.png

Figure: Input Data tool with anchor.

The Input Data tool has 1 anchor.

Output anchor: Use the output anchor to connect the database that contains the data you want to use in your workflow.

Configure the Tool

Create Datasets and Connections in Alteryx® Analytics Cloud

You use the datasets and connections that you created in Alteryx Analytics Cloud in Designer Cloud. For more information on creating datasets and connections in Designer Cloud, see the following pages:

Upload File

To upload a file from your local directory, select Upload File. This file will also be saved to the Data section of Alteryx Analytics Cloud.

Connect to Dataset

Select which data to input to your workflow from the list of Datasets. Alternatively, select the 3-dot menu and then select Use Dataset.

The Input Data tool samples the first 10 MB of data from your dataset to show in the Results Grid. However, when you run your workflow, the entire dataset will be used.

Select the arrow to expand the dataset details.

Change Dataset

To change the dataset you want to use in your workflow:

  1. Select the back arrow to return to the Datasets list. Alternatively, you can select the 3-dot menu and then select Disconnect.

  2. Select a new dataset to use.

Edit Dataset Details

To edit your dataset details:

  1. Select the 3-dot menu.

  2. Select Edit.

  3. Edit your dataset details, then select Save.