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Text Input Tool

Use Text Input to manually enter text to create small data files for input. This can be useful in testing and creating Lookup tables while you build your workflow.

The data input from the Text Input tool saves within the workflow so you can share the workflow without having to provide an input data file.


This tool has a One Tool Example. Visit Access Sample Workflows to learn how to access this and many other examples directly in Designer Cloud.

Configure the Tool

  1. Drag the tool onto the canvas.

  2. In the Text Input configuration window, select cells to enter data values. The tool auto-configures data types based on the values you enter.

  3. To rename column headers, select a header cell and enter a new header name.

Options Menu

In the Text Input configuration window, you can perform several actions from the toolbar:

  • Copy: Copy selected values onto the clipboard.

  • Paste: Paste is unavailable from the toolbar. Instead, use Ctrl+V.

  • Insert: Options include Column Left, Column Right, Row Above, and Row Below insertion.

  • Delete: Options include...

    • 1 Column: Delete the selected value's column.

    • 1 Row: Delete the selected value's row.


Any blank cells result in NULL values.

Cell Navigation Using Keyboard

  • Tab moves the cursor into cells from left to right.

  • Shift+Tab moves the cursor into cells from right to left.

  • The up and down arrow keys move the cursor into cells from row to row.