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Weighted Average Tool

Use Weighted Average to calculate the weighted average of an incoming data column.

A weighted average is similar to a common average, but instead of all rows contributing equally to the average, the idea of weight means some rows contribute more than others.


This tool has a One Tool Example. Visit Access Sample Workflows to learn how to access this and many other examples directly in Designer Cloud.

Configure the Tool

  1. Value Field (Numeric): Select the numeric column that contains the data to return the Weighted Average.

  2. Weight Field (Numeric): Select the numeric column that contains the weight to calculate the weighted average. When all rows have the same weight, the returned value is a common average.

  3. Output Field Name: Enter the desired output column name for the calculated Weighted Average.

  4. Grouping Fields (Optional): This is an optional setting. You can elect to specify a grouping column and the weighted average will be calculated for each group of values in the data stream.