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New Analysis

You can analyze spatial data with New Analysis.

  1. Select New Analysis.

  2. In the New Analysis page, select Summarize by Area.


    Other analysis types will be available in the upcoming releases.

Summarize by Area

With Summarize by Area, you can append the aggregate data from one area to the boundary of another area.

To Summarize by Area:

  1. Select Summarize by Area.

  2. Select the required datasets from the Select Boundary Area and Select Data Layer drop-down lists.


    Limitation: Only the Polygon dataset is accepted in the Select Boundary Area drop-down.


      Select Learn More from the fields to see additional information.

    1. To add statistics, select Add Statistics.

      1. Select the required attribute and the calculation type from the Column and Calculation drop-downs.


        You can add multiple statistics for your summary.

        1. Select the preferred columns to include in the output options.


          You can rename the columns.

        2. To summarize the statistics, select Apply Statistics and Run.

        Trade Area

        With Trade Area, you can create regions around geometries.

        To Trade Area:

        1. Select the required data layers from the Select Data Layer dropdown.

        2. Select Distance.

        3. Select the required miles or kilometers from the Units dropdown.

        4. Select the Edit icon in the Trade Area field.


          You can also use the delete icon to delete the trade areas.

          1. Enter the minimum and maximum distance.

          2. Click Save to save the distances.


          You can select +Add Trade Area to create more regions.

        5. Select Create Analysis Layer. A new trade area is created.