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Enable Cloud Execution for Desktop

Schedule and run your Designer Desktop-built workflows in the cloud. Cloud Execution for Desktop lets you link your Alteryx Designer Desktop instance to an Alteryx Analytics Cloud (AAC) workspace and then save your desktop-built workflows to the AAC library (which belongs to your AAC workspace). Once saved to the library, you can navigate to AAC and schedule those workflows to run. The execution takes place in the cloud—very similar to the way you can save and execute a workflow in Alteryx Server today. Learn how to link your Designer Desktop to AAC.


In some cases, Cloud Execution for Desktop workflows might show as Completed on the Jobs page, even if engine errors have occurred. To confirm that the workflow completed without engine errors, please check the job log file.

Enable Cloud Execution for a Workspace


Cloud Execution for Desktop requires an AAC Enterprise Version.

To enable Cloud Execution for Desktop…

  1. Go to User Profile > Workspace Admin > Private Data Handling > Processing.

    1. If you haven’t already, set up Private Data Handling for AWS. You can follow this guide.

  2. Select Edit in the Processing section.

  3. Check the Enable Cloud Execution for Desktop box and then select Save.

    1. This enablement process can take up to 30 minutes to complete. The process is complete when all 3 tasks under Private Data Processing show a green checkmark next to them.

    2. When you enable Cloud Execution for Desktop on the workspace, 2 Amazon Web Service EC2 instances of type m5a.4xlarge (16 vCPU, 64GB) deploy for the purposes of executing your desktop-built workflows in AAC.

Once you’ve enabled Cloud Execution, complete the rest of the setup in Designer Desktop with these instructions. After setup is complete, you can find your Designer Desktop workflows on the Library page.