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Release Notes for Metrics Store

Metrics Store Early Access

Release Date: 29 November 2022

The Metrics Store Early Access release enables in-product support for features of all 3 roles necessary to build and maintain an enterprise-wide metrics store. In this release, the user interface for the Consumers have been simplified significantly. New user interfaces have also been added for the Creators and Operators to create, publish, and configure templates.

What's New

  • Simplified Consumer user interface with no upload screen. Now, Operators will attach datasets to templates for the entire organization so templates can be reused by multiple teams.

  • Data analysts can now collaborate with data stewards and IT admins to easily scale up access to trusted metrics by hundreds of consumers by using clearly defined roles in Metrics Store:

    • Creators: data analysts can now easily take their workflows that compute metrics and make them available to anyone in the organization by deploying them as templates.

    • Operators: data stewards and IT admins can now configure appropriate data sources for the organization using consumer templates so that all Consumers can access meaningful metrics reports, saving them the effort finding the right data source.

  • Seamless integration into Alteryx Analytics Cloud with a global header and app-switcher.

  • Telemetry and logging infrastructure added to better support our users.

  • A guided walk-me experience added for first-time users.

New Templates

More templates are available to choose from.

  • Office of Finance Area of Focus

    • Profit & Loss Report

    • Investor Report (new)

  • Tax and Audit Area of Focus

    • Variance Analytics (new)

    • State Tax Apportionment (new)

  • Human Resources Area of Focus

    • Pay Equity

    • Staffing Analysis (new)

  • Customer Success Area of Focus

    • Customer Success - Financial KPIs (new)

Known Issues

  • Datasets assigned to a consumer template are shared to all users in a workspace when the consumer template is updated. A user that has been added to the workspace after the consumer template is edited may have trouble accessing the dataset, since the dataset has not yet been shared to them.


    Edit the consumer template and re-share it, which applies to all users, including the new one.