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Sort Tool

Use Sort to arrange the rows in a table in alphanumeric order based on the values of the specified data fields.


This tool has a One Tool Example. Visit Access Sample Workflows to learn how to access this and many other examples directly in Designer Cloud.

Tool Components

sort with anchors.png

Figure: Sort Tool with anchors.

The Sort tool has 2 anchors.

  • Input anchor: Use the input anchor to select the data you want to sort.

  • Output anchor: Outputs the sorted data.

Configure the Tool

Sort Method

Sort by column with the dropdowns.

  • Column Name: The column to sort.

  • Order: The sequence the output follows. Choose from...

    • Ascending: The default value.

    • Descending

If the data is sorted on multiple columns, the Sort tool determines sort order with the Sort by Column list, starting with the first entry. Manipulate the list sorting order by selecting and holding the reorder icon and dragging the expression up or down, or with the Delete button.


The Sort tool uses a stable sorting algorithm to maintain the relative order of rows that have equal sort values. Two records are input, Record1 before Record2. The records have the same value being sorted on. Record1 is before Record2 in the sorted output.