Administrator Guide

Last modified: May 26, 2022

Understand the different types of roles, capabilities, and how to provide segment permissions.

Role Types

There are 4 user roles within Auto Insights. They are Guests, Viewers, Administrators, and Organisation Administrators:


  • Can view shared datasets and create Missions.
  • Guest users do not have access to Search.


  • Can view shared datasets and create Missions.
  • No access to the admin portal.
  • Organization administrators can give admin portal access.


  • Can create and share datasets and create Missions

Organization Administrators

  • Can assign administrator rights to any user in the organization.
  • Can create and share datasets and create Missions.

Role Capabilities

Role Capabilities Guest User Admin Org Admin
Admin Portal access    

Dataset Administration

List My Datasets*    
List All Datasets      
Edit Datasets*    

User Administration

See All Users    
Create New User      
Edit User Details      
Delete User      
Edit User Role      

Group Administration

"My Groups" are groups you're a member of.

Create Groups    
Delete Groups      
Delete My Groups    
Edit Groups      
Edit My Groups    
Add User to Any Group      
Add User to My Groups     
View My Groups    
*Requires access to be provided.        

Dataset Access

Groups are used to provide access to a dataset. For each dataset in a group, you can set the following access for Viewers and Owners.

Capability Viewer Owner
View Dataset and Insights

Configure Dataset Settings


Gain Access to Load Datasets

By default, Viewers are only able to access datasets that have been assigned to them by Administrators. To access the Admin Portal and load datasets, Viewers first need to have their role upgraded to Administrator by an Organizational Administrator.

Dataset Ownership

When you load a dataset, you're automatically made a member of the group that is created by the dataset load. For example, if you load a dataset called ‘yearly_sales_dataset’ then you will automatically become the sole member of the yearly_sales_dataset_ADMIN group.

You can create other groups and add a user with any role type to it. Alternatively, you can add users to a group of which you are a member.

Assign users to groups via the Groups page (detailed below).

Note: An administrator can’t see or assign permissions for any dataset loaded by another administrator unless they’ve been granted access by that administrator.

Admin Portal Pages

Admin portal pages

Admin Portal Access Levels

When you’re logged into Admin Portal, your role type is displayed next to your login name at the top right.

Dataset Admin Process Flow

The following graphic outlines the sequence of steps required for dataset administration.

Dataset admin process flow diagram

Set Up Your Organization

  1. Auto Insights establishes the organization and creates Organization Administrators.

  2. Administrators upload datasets.

  3. Administrators create user groups.

  4. Administrators assign users to groups.

  5. Administrators assign group permissions to datasets.

Set Group Access Level

For any dataset of which you are an administrator, you can create a Group and then assign access levels to enable users to configure dataset settings using this control:

Setting group access level


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