Can I use special characters in Auto Insights?

Last modified: March 25, 2022

For column headings, Auto Insights only accepts the following values:

  • A - Z

  • 0 - 9 (Note: Auto Insights will covert numbers to their text equivalent during the data upload process - 1 will become One)

  • Underscore _

Other special characters in your column headings will cause errors during the data upload process.

Within a row, Auto Insights accepts the following values and special characters:

  • A - Z

  • 0 - 9

  • Underscore _

  • Forward slash /

  • Ampersand &

  • Hyphen -

  • At @

  • Period .

  • Comma ,

  • Round brackets ( )

  • Dollar sign $

Other special characters in a row, like exclamation marks or square brackets, will be removed by Auto Insights during the data upload process.

Example of Problem Data

  • Presence of special characters other than an underscore in column headings

Example of bad data

Example of good column headings

  • No special characters in column headings

  • Accepted special characters (Period .) in row values

Example of good data


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