Claims Analytics Use Case

Last modified: October 27, 2022

Auto Insights can help insurance teams automate claims performance analysis, drill into claims trends and spot anomalous claim rates.

This article covers:

  • Example insights from this use case

  • Recommended data structure for this use case

What sort of insights can Auto Insights help me uncover?

We've outlined some example questions that Auto Insights can help answer through a combination of its proactive insights, Missions and What caused this? analysis:

Automate claims performance analysis

  • Number of Claims by Department

  • Average Time to Payment by Agent

  • Number of Claims by Policy Type

  • Trend of Claims by Claim Reason in Sydney

  • Seasonality of Claims

  • Compare Claim Amounts for Theft in Metropolitan and Regional areas

  • Average Time to Close Claims by Department and Claim Type

Spot anomalous claim rates

  • Average Number of Claims per customer

  • Claim Amount by Claim Reason in Sydney

  • Top 20 Claims by Claim Amount and Claim Reason last quarter

How do I structure my data?

  • Auto Insights requires structured, transactional data, with at least 1 measure (e.g. Number of Claims) and 5 segments (e.g. Claim Type). In addition, we recommend at least 7 months of data (at monthly or daily granularity) so you can take full advantage of Auto Insights' Unexpected Changes feature.

Example data structure

Please click on the picture to download a larger copy of the image.

Example data structurePlease refer Dataset Requirements for more information about data structure.


Here are some of the typical segments we find in revenue data. A segment is a qualitative value, like names or categories:

  • Claim attributes: Claim reason, Claim type, Team, Department etc.

  • Policy attributes: Policy type, Policy name, Months since last claim, Agent assigned, claim channel, coverage type etc.

  • Claimant attributes:, Age, Gender, Location, etc.


A measure is a quantitative, numeric value. Some of the typical measures include customer ID, number of claims, claim amount, time to close claims, time to payment etc.


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