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Last modified: January 26, 2023

Edit Page Title

To edit a page title, select the Pencil icon next to the title on a Summary page or from the page list. 

pencil icon

pencil icon

Add Author Notes

As the Mission creator or editor, you can update the title and add a commentary on each page of the Mission. To do so, select a page, then select the Pencil icon.

Pencil icon

Enter your preferred title for the page and any additional commentary to explain or highlight context for the viewer in the Author notes. You can view Author notes in the Mission summary, Mission pages, and subscribed email from a Mission.

Author Notes

You can also add Author Notes on the Mission Summary page:

Author Notes on Mission Summary

Add Pages to Your Mission

There are 3 ways you can add a page within Mission:

First Option: Within Mission's edit mode, select + New Page on the left panel.

+ New Page link

Second Option: Within Mission's edit mode, check the box for the page you want to duplicate. Then select the duplicate icon. The duplicated page will appear below.

Tip: Use this method when you want to keep the existing filters and breakdown from the 1st page in subsequent pages (it only works when the dataset remains the same). This saves you time and reduces effort on repetitive tasks!

duplicate icon

Third Option: If you see a page in Search or in someone's Mission that you want to add to your own Mission, select Add Page to Mission and create a new Mission or select an existing one.

Add page option

Reorder Pages

To reorder the pages, select the page that you want to reorder and drag the page to a new position.

Hide Insights That Don’t Matter

You can remove any story card (section) within the page you want to hide from the presentation view. To do so, select the eye icon to turn it off.

eye icon

Find New Insights with the Query Bar

Each page has a query bar that provides the focus of analysis for that specific page. Use this query bar to get Auto Insights to search for insights on a specific area.

Query bar in details

You can change the comparison period to compare against the previous month or the same month last year. Refer to this article on Time Period comparison for details.

Query bar in details

Select + Add new query to compare 2 metrics with Common Cause analysis. Select Options to remove a query or rename a query.

Add new query and options button

Customize Segment Relevancy

You can customize results for What caused this change? To do so, select Edit on a Mission summary page or Mission page. Then select Customize results. If you're the owner of the dataset, the Customize segment relevancy window displays for you to customize. 

Customize relevancy gif

If you're not the owner of the dataset, Auto Insights shows you the owners' email addresses. Ask an owner for access to customize the segment relevancy. 

Request segment change

This functionality isn't available for sample datasets.

Delete a Page

To delete a page, check the box to select the page. Then select the trashcan icon to delete it. Note that a page deletion is irreversible. 

Delete a page UI

Use Global Filters and Bulk Actions

With global filters, you can bulk edit and delete Mission pages. To use global filters...

  1. Go to Missions and select a Mission.
  2. Select Edit in the upper-right corner.
    Edit icon
  3. Check the box next to a page to select it, and a bulk action menu displays at the top of the list. You can only bulk-select pages associated with datasets you can access.
    Bulk actions
Available Bulk Actions
Duplicate Duplicate pages option
Delete Trashcan icon to delete pages
Filter—Apply and remove filters on pages that use the same dataset. filtering gif
Delete pages associated with a deleted dataset. To do so, select Remove pages from the alert message.

Present Your Mission

Select Present to exit edit mode and go back to presentation view.

Present button

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