What's New in Auto Insights

Last modified: November 22, 2022

New Features

  • Missions is your new homepage! We hope you love the power of Missions as much as we do. That's why we're putting Missions front and center. Other new features include—launching datasets into Missions from the Datasets page, sharing your Missions directly from the homepage, and more user-friendly UI for Totals and Changes.
  • We've added some magic🪄—you can now use templates to create Missions. We call them magic Missions. To see how they work, go to the Missions page and select Use template. Select your dataset and let Auto Insights do all the work to show you a summary of insights in seconds!  
  • It's easier than ever to edit Missions with new global filters! You can bulk-select and filter or delete Mission pages from one view. See the Edit Missions article for more information.
  • Admins can set row-based permissions for datasets to limit access to the underlying data. 
  • Org Admins now have the option of moderating user invites, and we've added the Users page for greater visibility into active and pending users. To check out the new Users page, go to your profile icon > Users. See the Invite New Users article to learn more.
  • Anyone in an organization can invite new users to sign up for Auto Insights and view a Mission. Learn how in the Share Missions article (non-admins) and the Invite New Users article (Org Admins).
  • Auto Insights Uploader tool for DesignerRun your workflow with the Auto Insights Uploader tool to view your dataset insights instantly in Alteryx Auto Insights. 
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