Field Summary Tool

The Field Summary tool analyzes data and creates a summary report containing descriptive statistics of data in selected columns.

Use the Field Summary Tool to gain insight into data and receive recommendations for managing data.

Numeric, string, spatial, and date/time are supported in this tool. A unique set of descriptive statistics are provided for each data type. See Data Types for more on types of data.

Configure the tool

Select all, some, or a random sample of columns to include in the output.

Columns containing data that is not supported in this tool, such as boolean data, can be selected during tool configuration; however, the column is not analyzed or included in the tool output.

  • Select the fields to product summary info: Select the columns to analyze and include in the output.
    • All: Click to select all columns in the data.
    • None: Click to deselect previously selected columns.
  • Sample input data: Select to include a sample of columns in the output instead of select all, or specific columns.
    • Random N Records: Select the number of records to include in the output.
    • Random N% of Records: Select the percentage of incoming records to include in the output.

View the output

The Field Summary tool has three outputs:

  • O anchor: An Alteryx data stream with descriptive statistics for selected columns along with recommendations, in the Remarks column, for managing data.
  • R anchor: A static report with a scatterplot and descriptive statistics for selected columns along with recommendations (see Remarks) for managing data in a column. To view the report, add a Browse tool and connect it to the R output. See Browse Tool.
  • I anchor: An interactive dashboard consisting of expandable panels for each column. To view the report, add a Browse tool and connect it to the I output. See Browse Tool. Each panel consists of a histogram or column chart and summary statistics:
    • Hover over a panel to display additional icons.
      • Click the information icon to view additional information
      • Click the expand icon in to open the report in a detailed view.
    • Hover over a bar in the plot to display details.
    • Select variable to view to focus on a smaller set of columns.
    • Sort the panels alphabetically or by percentage of missing values.

The descriptive statistics available in the output depend on the type of data in the columns selected for analysis. Results are listed horizontally. Scroll left to right to see statistics for each data type.