Google Analytics Tool

A newer version of the Google Analytics Tool is available from the Alteryx Analytics Gallery.

The Google Analytics tool returns statistics derived from the data collected by a Google Analytics tracking code. You use the Core Reporting API to query for dimensions and metrics in order to build customized reports.

Configure the tool

There are two tabs to configure, Authentication and Search.


Specify the following Google Analytics credentials:

  1. Client ID: The client ID obtained from the Google Developers Console.
  2. Client Secret:  The client secret obtained from the Google Developers Console.
  3. Refresh Token:  The refresh token returned from the authorization code exchange on the OAuth 2.0 Playground.

Disable for Testing: When checked, you can test your query without making a call to the Analytics API.


Profile (View) ID:  The unique table ID for which your query will retrieve the data. Ask your Web Admin for the list of Profile IDs available to you, or get them here.

Metrics (max 10): The aggregated statistics for user activity to your site, such as clicks or pageviews.

  • Any request must supply at least one metric; a request cannot consist of only of dimensions.
  • You can supply a maximum of 10 metrics for any query.
  • Most combinations of metrics can be used together, provided no dimensions are specified.
  • Only valid combinations of metrics and dimensions can be used. See the guidelines.

Date Range:  All Analytics data requests must specify a date range. Date format must be yyyy-mm-dd (e.g., 2014-01-01). Choose from the following options:

  • Pre-defined Range:  A list of pre-defined date ranges to use in your query.
  • Calendar:  A customized date range defined by your selections on a calendar.
  • Manual Entry (yyyy-mm-dd):  A customized date range defined by a keyboard entry.