Simulation Sampling Tool

The Simulation Sample tool samples data parametrically from a distribution, from input data, or as a combination best fitting to a distribution. Data can also be "drawn" if you are unsure of the parameters of a distribution and lacking data.

This tool uses the R tool. Go to Options > Download Predictive Tools and sign in to the Alteryx Downloads and Licenses portal to install R and the packages used by the R Tool. See Download and Use Predictive Tools.

Connect inputs

  • D anchor: Optional. Sample data. This input is required if you are sampling from raw or binned data.
  • S anchor: Optional. Simulation data. If previous simulation tools have been used, the data from them can be connected to this input to append the data and obtain an iteration count and seed.

Configure the tool

  • Select sampling mechanism: Monte Carlo / Simple Sampling or Latin HyperCube / Stratified Sampling. For stratified sampling from data, the maximum strata size is determined by the choice of chunk size.
  • Chunk size: The maximal size of data to evaluate at a time. This can be used to avoid R's in-memory processing limitation. For stratified sampling from data, this is also the maximal size of the strata.
  • Seed: The random seed used for sampling. This option is not available if a dataset containing a seed field is connected to the S input, as that seed will be incremented and used instead.
  • Number of iterations: The number of samples to select. This option is not available if a dataset is connected to the S input, as the size of that dataset determines the number of iterations.
  • Select sampling mode:

View the output

Connect a Browse tool to the output anchor to view results.

  • D anchor: The data output. This is the result of the simulation.