Analytic Apps

Last modified: January 02, 2020

An analytic app is a workflow with a user interface. Create an analytic app to enable the app user to execute a workflow using their own data and parameter without having to build the workflow.

Save an app as a .yxwz file to be run in Designer or uploaded and run in the Alteryx Analytics Gallery or a private Gallery.

Build an app

An app consists of a workflow with a user interface created using Interface Tools. Build a workflow, add Interface tools, and design the interface in the Interface Designer. When you create an app, you are creating the workflow and the interface the app user will use. See Interface tools and Interface Designer window.

You can create an app from a new or existing workflow. With a new or existing workflow open, click the canvas to view the Workflow Configuration window. Click Workflow and select Analytic App.

When a workflow is saved as an app or macro, the anchors of tools in the workflow change to lightning-bolt icons. Only Interface Tools can connect to these anchors. This anchor indicates that there are interface elements and actions updating a workflow tool.

Run an app

To run app, open it in Designer or click the app icon on your desktop. Each app has a series of questions spread across tabs. The app user must complete the questions and follow prompts to run the app.

The navigation tools are available to the app user:

  •  Clears all user-entered values and returns to default design settings.
  •  Imports saved app values in a .yxwv extension.
  •  Saves the app user's selections as an app values .yxwv file to use for future runs of the same app.
  •  Runs the app

Alternatively, run the workflow by command line. See Run workflows by command line.

Sample apps

Apps are included in Alteryx Designer to help you learn to use and create apps:

  • Program Files, on your computer: \Program Files\Alteryx\bin\RuntimeData\Analytic_Apps
  • Designer:

    • Options > Run Analytic Apps
      • Alteryx Geocoding App: Cleans and assigns US addresses to the best possible physical location match. This app requires an installation of a geocoder, CASS, and ZIP+4 coder. See Alteryx geocoding app.
      • Calgary: Create Link Between 2 Tables: Links Calgary databases so that you can easily append customer data to a static, master database and quickly query from either database. See Calgary Create Link app.
      • Data Statistics: Creates a statistical report on a database. See Data Statistics app.
    • Help > Sample Workflows > Tutorials > Intro to Applications
  • Alteryx Analytics Gallery: Access apps published to the public Gallery.
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