Connection Configuration

Last modified: April 07, 2020

Connection properties display information about the data passed between tools. To view the properties and configuration option, select the connection arrow between any two tools.

Select a tool to display the incoming and outgoing connector indicators. The connector input to a tool displays in green. The connector output from a tool displays in blue.

Connection Name

Enter a name in this box if you would like to display a name on the connection in the workflow.


When the Wireless box is checked, the connection arrows are set to be invisible.

Input and output anchors will be marked with  to indicate a wireless connection. The color of the bars is indicative of how many connections are coming into or out of the anchor. One bar indicates one connection, two bars indicate two connections, and three bars indicate three or more connections.


The Fields section displays the schema view of the data stream being passed between tools. Field order is displayed with Field number, Field Name, Type, Size, and Source.

Description: Demographic tools such as Allocate Input tool and Allocate Append tool will include the full variable name in the description field, indicating the origin of a particular field.

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