Connection Setup Considerations

Last modified: October 13, 2020

When you establish database connections, these considerations should be taken into account.

Guided Connection Setup

Guided connections do not require native syntax. The passwords are processed to match the standards of the database connection type that is being established. Enter passwords in normally.

SQL Server

SQL Server passwords do not support the use of three consecutive pipes.


Oracle passwords do not support the use of double quotes.

Manual Connection Setup

Manual connections require native syntax. Because these connections are entered without selecting a database type, Alteryx cannot manage the formatting of the string. Enter passwords in with native syntax. For more information on the syntax required by a specific database type, see the sections below.

SQL Server

  • Enclose the string in curly brackets.
  • Escape any right curly bracket with a double right curly bracket.

For additional requirements, see SQL Server Database Password Requirements.


  • Enclose the string in double quotes.
  • Do not use a double quote within the string.

For additional requirements, see Oracle Database Password Requirements.

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