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Dynamic Input In-DB Tool

Last modified: June 16, 2020

The Dynamic Input In-DB tool can take In-DB Connection Name and Query fields from a standard data stream and input them back into an In-DB data stream. The In-DB Connection Name and Query fields can be obtained from the Dynamic Output In-DB Tool.

In-Database enables blending and analysis against large sets of data without moving the data out of a database and can provide significant performance improvements over traditional analysis methods. For more about the In-Database tool category, see In-Database Overview.

Configure the Tool

  • Connection Name Field: The alias for the In-DB connection to the database.
  • Query / Query Alias List Field: The In-DB query created at this point in the workflow.

Possible Errors

If the query fed into the Dynamic Input In-DB tool contains a WITH clause, the following error will be returned:
"The In-DB Dynamic Input tool cannot accept a query which uses a WITH clause. Consider using a Query Alias List instead."
To resolve the error, modify the query to remove the common table expression (WITH clause).

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