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Last modified: April 02, 2020

Basic steps for building a workflow

1. Drag a tool

Click an Input Data tool in the tool palette and drag it to the workflow canvas area.


2. Connect to data

Click the Input Data tool and choose a data source in the Configuration window. See Input Data Tool, Supported Data Sources and File Formats.


Classic mode: Click the Input Data tool and choose a data source in the configuration window. See Input Data ToolSupported Data Sources and File Formats. To set classic mode, see User Settings


3. Build a workflow

Click and drag another tool to the canvas and configure it. Then drag additional tools to the canvas and connect them together. See Tool Categories, Build Workflows.


4. Run the workflow

Click the Run button Run icon at the top of the canvas to process the data.


5. View the results

View the output for each tool in the Results window below the workflow. See Results Window.



Additional resources for new users


Go to Help > Tutorials to access tutorials that provide step-by-step instructions for building workflows.


Go to Alteryx Academy to view a variety of training videos that demonstrate how to use Alteryx.

Sample workflows

Go to Help > Sample Workflows > Learn one tool at a time to open workflows that demonstrate the use of specific tools.
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