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Image Template

Last modified: March 26, 2021

Use Image Template to create PDF templates using annotations.

Tool Components

The Image Template tool has 1 anchor. Use the anchor to output PDF annotations downstream.

Configure the Tool

  1. Add an Image Template tool to the canvas.
  2. Select Open PDF to open File Explorer, which you can use to browse and find a PDF. (You don't have to run the workflow. The PDF loads automatically.)
  3. Go to the pages you want to annotate using the arrow icons, or enter a specific page number in the text field.
  4. Drag anywhere on the PDF to create an annotation. Enter the annotation in the field. Use the dropdown to select whether you want to save the annotation as a string or an image. Save the annotation in Designer.
  5. To export the annotation outside Designer, select Annotations Export and then choose a location. The annotations are exported separate from the PDF as a JSON file.
  6. To load annotations, select Annotations Import  and then choose annotations you've already saved as a JSON file.
  7. Run the workflow to pass the PDF annotations downstream.


The Image Template tool outputs PDF annotations in JSON format.

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