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Last modified: January 11, 2021

Use Image to Text to convert BLOB images to text.

The content on this page is available in all supported languages via the language toggle on the top-right of the page. 

Tool Components

The Image to Text tool has three anchors:

  • "D" input anchor: Use the "D" input anchor to connect the PDF image you want to convert.
  • "T" input anchor: Use the "T" input anchor to connect annotations from the Image Template tool.
  • Output anchor: Use the output anchor to pass the converted text downstream.

Configure the Tool

  1. Add a PDF Input tool to the canvas and connect it to the Image to Text tool.
  2. Select the Image you want to extract text from.
  3. Identify the Language of the text contained in the image.
  4. Run the workflow to convert the image to text.


The Image to Text tool creates a column in the dataset. Each row in the column contains text from the pages of the PDF image.

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