Macro Output In-DB Tool

Macro Output In-DB Tool

Last modified: December 26, 2019

The Macro Output In-DB tool creates an In-DB output connection on a macro that can be used with In-DB workflows.

An output anchor will appear on the macro tool for each Macro Output In-DB tool used in the macro workflow in the order they are brought onto the canvas (left to right, or up to down). The output anchors can be re-ordered in the Interface Designer Window from the Tree view.

In-Database enables blending and analysis against large sets of data without moving the data out of a database and can provide significant performance improvements over traditional analysis methods. For more about the In-Database tool category, see In-Database Overview.

Tool configuration

  1. Output Name: The Output Name will be visible to the end user when they configure the macro tool.
  2. Anchor Abbreviation: This optional parameter will display an abbreviation on the output anchor of the macro tool.
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