Map Tool

Map Tool

Last modified: October 29, 2019

The Map tool displays an interactive map for the end user to draw or select map objects within an app or macro. The user's selection is passed to downstream tools. This tool has an optional input connector that can accept a drop-down list of available Base Maps. See the Base Map overview (below) for more information.

Tool Configuration

  1. Mode: Select from Reference Layer. Select objects from the map layer. The selected objects are used as the app input.
    1. Draw: The end user draws objects on the map layer. Select which objects Users Can Draw - Points, Lines, and Polygons.
      1. A dialog box will be presented once your object is created. Under Label this feature> Enter a label for this feature below, enter the name for your label.
      2. Click on the layers icon on the map to select from the following: Drawn Features, Labels, Reference, and/or Base.
    2. Select: Choose Click or Box.
      1. Click on the layers icon on the map to select from the following: Labels, Reference, and/or Base.
  2. Base Map: The background map layers are presented.
    1. To display a drop-down list of available Base Maps, click the [None] drop-down list> select a base map.
  3. Reference .yxdb: A reference layer. By default, you do not see a reference layer. Connect your .yxdb file from your device.
    1. None: No reference layer is used.
  4. Label Field: A column containing the label data.

Drop Down Tool

  1. Connect the Map tool to the Drop Down tool.
  2. Click on the Drop Down tool.
    1. Enter the text or question to be displayed: The text presented to the app user defines how to use the Map control.
    2. Under Properties> Select any number of applicable, available fields.

To display a drop down list of available Base Maps to the end user, configure your Drop Down tool with 'Reference Base Maps' as the List Values, and connect it to the input connector of the Map tool.

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