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Multi-Field Formula Tool

Last modified: July 08, 2020

Use Multi-Field Formula to create or update multiple fields using a single expression.

Configure the Tool

  1. In the Configuration window, select a data type in Select Fields.
  2. Select the fields to apply the formula to. Only the fields that are of the specified data type display. Select columns individually or use All or Clear.
  3. Check Copy Output Fields and Add and select Prefix or Suffix to create new columns for the data. Uncheck to update the data in the original columns.
  4. Select a data type in Change Output Type to to change the data type of the values in the column. Use Size (the size of the data type) to update manually for string data types.
  5. Build an expression either by entering text directly in the expression editor or by double-clicking a variable or function to add it to the expression editor. See Expression Editor.
    • _CurrentField_: Uses the selected field in the function.
    • _CurrentFieldName_: Uses the name of the selected field in the function.
    • _CurrentFieldType_: Uses the data type of the selected field in the function.

Because this tool includes an expression editor, an additional input anchor displays when the tool is used in an app or macro workflow. Use the Interface tools to connect to a Question anchor. See Interface Tools.

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