Last modified: March 26, 2020

Search, which is located in the top right corner of Designer, searches Designer tools, Gallery items, Connect assets, Help content, and Community posts.

Select Ctrl+Shift+F on your keyboard to move your cursor to Search.

Search returns the top five results from these categories:


Drag and drop tools and macros from results onto the canvas.

Select Example to open the tool One-Tool Example, if available.

Select Show More to display all results on the Tool Palette.

Select Alteryx Gallery (or a link to your company's private Gallery, if available) to view Alteryx Analytics Gallery results in a web browser. Results can include tools and workflows you can download.


Drag and drop Connect assets from results onto the canvas.

Select the canvas to open the Data Source Credentials window.

Type the User Name and Password, and then click OK.

If you haven't entered your Connect credentials into Designer, results are not available. See Use Connect Assets.


Select a result to view the Help page in a browser.

Select View more Help results to open Designer Help in a browser.


Select a result to view the Community post in a browser.

Select View more Community results to open Alteryx Community in a browser.

Select Ask the Community a question to post a message in the Alteryx Community.

If you aren't connected to the internet, Gallery and Community results aren't available.

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