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Spearman Correlation Tool

Last modified: December 23, 2019

The Spearman Correlation tool assesses how well an arbitrary monotonic function could describe the relationship between two variables, without making any other assumptions about the particular nature of the relationship between the variables. Correlation coefficient values ranges from –1.00 (a perfect negative correlation) to +1.00 (a perfect positive correlation). Zero indicates no correlation at all.

Tool Configuration

  • Field Selection tab: Choose the two fields to determine the Correlation. The two fields must be numeric and the same field cannot be chosen twice.
  • Columns containing unique identifiers, such as surrogate primary keys and natural primary keys, should not be used in statistical analyses. They have no predictive value and can cause runtime exceptions.
  • Group By (Optional) tab: To determine the correlation for a group, select Enable Group By and select the appropriate grouping field.
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