Use Connect Assets

Last modified: March 26, 2020

Search for assets that reside in Alteryx Connect to bring data into Designer.

Sign in to Connect

1. Click Options Manage Connect Credentials.

2. In Connect Sign In, type the URL for the Connect server, and then click Next.

3. Type the Username and Password, and then click Sign In. You can also configure Connect to use Windows Authentication. When you've selected this option, Designer establishes a connection with Connect based on the user's identity.

Alternatively, select Windows Authentication to use your Windows credentials.

Access assets from Connect

1. Type the name of an asset in the Search box and then press Enter. Data-source assets display in the Connect section of the search results. Click the dropdown arrow to view the type and source of the asset. If you don't have access to Connect, results aren't available.

2. Drag a Connect asset from the search results onto the canvas. The Connect asset displays on the canvas as a tool with a preconfigured connection string. The Data Source Credentials windows opens automatically.

3. Type the authentication details, which typically include the User Name and Password.

4. Select Remember me for this tool to save the credentials on the machine.

5. Click OK.

Update asset credentials

To change credentials associated with a Connect asset:

1. Right-click the asset on the canvas.

2. Click Edit Authentication Details.

3. Edit the credentials in the Data Sources Credentials window, and then click OK.

See Alteryx Connect Help for more information.

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