What's New

Last modified: January 03, 2020

Version: 2019.4.4.20206

Release Date: December 9, 2019

  • The Input Data tool now supports reading Tableau Hyper Data Extract (.hyper) files.
  • The Multi-Field Formula tool field selection pane is now re-sizable and can accommodate a large number of fields.
  • You can now insert and delete a header from the drop-down menu in the Text Input tool, making copying and pasting easier.
  • You can now select all left or right fields in a Join Tool via the context menu.
  • The Find tool allows you to search by the Tool ID.
  • There are now more options for copying and pasting a tool in a workflow.
  • Multi Resolution Raster (MRR) created by Pitney Bowes is the new reader for read file only, supporting a single raster band from a file, with each pixel in the raster band containing a value.
  • You can now turn location data into business outcomes with high-quality, detailed basemaps from Mapbox. Mapbox macros are now available in the Alteryx Gallery.
  • You can now use your dataset to calculate/aggregate (aggregate within the tool) the sum, count, average, minimum, and maximum of your selected value(s) chosen.
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