Gallery API Overview

Last modified: August 25, 2020

The Gallery API is made up of 4 APIs: 

  • Subscription API: Endpoints for users to interact with subscriptions, workflows, and schedules (jobs).
  • User V2 API: Endpoints for users to interact with credentials, input files, and schedules (jobs).
  • Admin V1 API: Endpoints for admins to fetch resources from the Admin interface.
  • Admin V2 API: Version 2 of the endpoints for admins to fetch resources from the Admin interface.

API Keys and API Access

Users can find API keys on the Keys tab of the My Profile page. To access your API keys, select your username and select My Profile > Keys

Users with the Curator role can use the API Access keys to access all APIs including the Subscription API, the User V2 API, V1 Admin V1 API, and V2 Admin V2 API.  

All non-Curator users can use the API Access keys to access the Subscription API and User V2 API.

All users can use the Private Studio API keys to access the Gallery Subscription API.

Screenshot of Keys tab in My Profile showing API keys


Access Gallery API Reference Docs

The complete reference documentation for all Gallery API endpoints is available in Swagger. 

There are 2 places in Gallery where you can access the Gallery API Reference documentation.

  1. Select the question mark icon in the top toolbar and select API Documentation.
    Screenshot of API Documentation in the Gallery toolbar
  2. Select your username and select My Profile > Keys. You can find links to the API documentation next to the API keys.

You can also access the API reference documentation for the Gallery API using this URL: {yourhostname}/api-docs. Yourhostname is the URL to your Gallery instance.

Authenticating to the Gallery API Reference Docs

The Gallery API docs are interactive, allowing you to populate parameters and see the responses. To make use of the interactivity, you have to authenticate. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. In Gallery, select your username and select My Profile > Keys. Copy the API keys for the API you want to authenticate to and paste them in the API Key and Shared Secret fields. The keys will show as Saved.
    Screenshot of API documentation authentication showing keys are saved.
  2. Select the call you want to run, populate the parameters, and select Try it out.
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