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Last modified: September 01, 2020

A collection allows users to share assets (workflows, apps, macros, and insights) with other Gallery users who are not part of the same subscription (studio). This article covers the options available to Curators (Gallery admins) on the Collections page in the Gallery Admin interface. To learn more about options for collection users within the Gallery, see the Collections: User Interface article.

Access Gallery Admin Interface

Access the Gallery Admin interface directly via this URL: [BaseAddress]/gallery/admin

You can also access the Gallery Admin interface via Gallery. To do so, select your username and select Admin.
Select your username in the upper-right corner and select Admin to access the Gallery Admin interface.

To manage collections, select Collections on the Admin toolbar.

Screenshot of Admin toolbar with Collections highlighted


Add a User to a Collection

  1. Select the collection.
  2. Select Users Add Users.
  3. In the Users search bar, enter the username or email address and select the user when they appear in the list.
  4. Select Expiration Date to assign a date for when the user's access expires. Enter a date or use the date picker to select an expiration date.
  5. Select the user's permissions:
    • Admin: Select Yes to set all the permissions to Yes
    • Add Assets: Select Yes to allow the user to add assets to the collection.
    • Remove Assets: - Select Yes to allow the user to remove assets from the collection.
    • Update Assets: Select Yes to allow the user to open the asset in Designer, make changes, and save it back to the collection.
    • Add Users: Select Yes to allow the user to add users to the collection.
    • Remove Users: Select Yes to allow the user to remove users from the collection.  

      You can't edit a Curator's collection permissions.

      Screenshot of add user screen
  6. Select Add

Remove a User from a Collection

  1. Select the collection.
  2. Select Users.
  3. Find the user you want to remove.
  4. Select the trash icon in the Actions column to remove a user from the Collection.

Allow Users to Create Collections

Curators (Gallery Admins) have to give users permission to create collections. To do so, follow the steps below.

This permission was new in version 2019.4. If you are upgrade from Server version 2019.3 or earlier to version 2019.4 or later, this permission is enabled by default for Curators and Artisans created before 2019.4. This prevents unexpected changes to users' ability to create collections. If you want to remove a user's ability to create collections, turn off the Create Collections permission.

Give an Existing User the Create Collections Permission

  1. Select Users on the Admin toolbar.
  2. Select the user. 
  3. In the Actions panel, select Yes for Create Collections permission. 
    In the Actions panel toggle the Create Collections permission to Yes. 

You can also enable the Create Collections permissions when adding a user. See Create a New User

Change the Collection Owner

  1. Select the collection.
  2. Select Change Owner
  3. In the Users search bar, enter the username or email address and select the user when they appear in the list.

Share Schedules and Results in Collections

Schedule owners can share their schedules and job results with a collection and all its users to ensure visibility when they are unavailable. To share a schedule follow these steps.

  1. Go to the Collections page from within either the Admin or Gallery user interface.
  2. Select a collection.
  3. Go to the Schedules tab.
  4. Select Add Schedule
  5. Search for the schedule you want to share and select it.
  6. Select Add.

The schedule displays in the schedule list. 

Migrate Subscriptions to Collections

In a coming release, to streamline your asset management, subscriptions (studios) are going away. With this change, Server will associate assets with users rather than a given subscription (studio). If you have assets in your private studio (subscription) Server will associate these assets with your user instead.

If you are using subscriptions (studios) to share assets, we recommend that you migrate shared assets to collections to prepare for this improvement. 

  1. Create a collection for each shared subscription.
  2. Add assets to the new collection. Learn how to add assets to a collection.
  3. Add all users from the shared subscription to the collection.
  4. If you are using shared schedules in a subscription, see Share Schedules and Results in Collections.

If you are using default studio workflow credentials, look for upcoming improvements for sharing credentials.

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