Last modified: April 02, 2020

Create new pages to add to your private Gallery. Pages can contain text, hyperlinks, images, and tables. The page will also have a unique URL. Create and save a page as a draft or publish it for live use. Use filters on the Pages page to sort and locate pages.

To go to the page, click Pages on the navigation bar.

Create a Page

  1. On Pages, click Add New.
  2. Type a title for the page in Title.
  3. Permalink displays the auto-assigned page URL based on the page title.
  4. (Optional) Type a description of the page in Excerpt.
  5. Click Status and select an option:
    • Draft: Create a page without making it live for use.
    • Publish: Create and make a page live for use.
  6. In Body, type page text and add elements to the page.
  7. Click Save.

Edit or Delete a Page

To edit a page:

  1. On Pages, use filters to locate the page.
  2. Click the page title.
  3. On Edit Page, edit the page details and body.
  4. Click Save.

To delete a page:

On the Edit Page, click Delete, or on Pages, use filters to locate the page and click  next to the page.

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