Alteryx File Types

Last modified: September 09, 2021

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Alteryx Workflow Files

.yxmd (Workflow)

An Alteryx workflow represents a repeatable workflow process and has a file extension of .yxmd. All of the inputs, outputs, and tool configurations are saved within a single Alteryx workflow so you can open and run the workflow multiple times.

For more information, go to Build Workflows.

Alteryx Data Files

.yxdb (Alteryx Database)

The Alteryx database format (.yxdb) is a file type that can hold data fields, values, and spatial objects. The .yxdb format is the most efficient file type for reading and writing in Alteryx because it has no size limit, is compressed for maximum speed, and includes additional metadata that references the source of the data and how the data was created. While there is no limit to the number of records or file size, there is a record size limit of 2 GB in a 64-bit environment.

Go to Alteryx Database File Format for more information.

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