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Last modified: September 09, 2021

Docs are available before the release of Designer Cloud so you can get a sneak peek. This content might change between now and the official release.

A workflow consists of connected tools that perform different functions to process data. When you build a workflow, you add and connect tools. You also configure those tools and workflow properties. To build a new workflow, select File > New Workflow or use the Alt+n keyboard shortcut.

Workflow connections move in a downstream direction horizontally.

Add or Remove Tools

To add a tool to a workflow, select any tool from the tool palette and drag it onto the workflow canvas. Go to Tool Categories for more information.

To remove a tool from a workflow, select the tool, and use the Delete key on your keyboard.

Connect Tools

To connect tools in a workflow, drag a tool from the tool palette onto the canvas near the output anchor of another tool. You can also drag the output anchor from an existing tool to the tool you just added.

Connections go in through the left side of a tool and out through the right side of a tool.

  • Some tools accept multiple inputs indicated by multiple input anchors.
  • Some tools have optional inputs indicated by a gray input anchor.
  • All tools with an output anchor can be output to multiple streams.
Delete a Connection

To delete a connection, select the connection and use the Delete key on your keyboard. Downstream tools are not deleted.

Insert a Tool Between a Connection

Drag a tool from the tool palette (or a tool that's already on the canvas) and place it on top of the existing connection.

Name Connection

Double-click any connection to add a name or rename the connection.

Canvas Options

  • Run: Runs the workflow. The button changes to Stop while the workflow is running.
  • Stop: Stops the workflow.
  • File: The options under File are...
    • New Workflow: Create a new workflow (.yxmd).
    • Open: Open a workflow that is saved in Designer Cloud.
    • Import: Import a workflow from your computer.
    • Save and Save As: Save your current workflow to Designer Cloud.
    • Export: Export your workflow to your computer.
  • View: The options under View are...
    • Mini map: Shows a map of the entire canvas with a highlighted section that shows what is in view. To change your view, select and drag the highlighted section within the Mini map.
    • Canvas grid: Adds a grid to the canvas.
    • Tool description flyouts: When enabled, tool descriptions appear when you hover over a tool in the tool palette.
  • Zoom: Use the slider on the canvas to increase or decrease the zoom. To reset the zoom to the default value of 100%, select Reset.

Copy and Paste

To control where an item pastes onto the canvas, select the item, copy it (Ctrl+C), select where you want to paste the item, and then paste it (Ctrl+V). Designer pastes the item at the same point as the cursor.

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