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Last modified: September 09, 2021

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One Tool Example

Detour has a One Tool Example. Go to Sample Workflows to learn how to access this and many other examples directly in Alteryx Designer Cloud.

Use Detour to prompt a user to bypass a process in a workflow. Detours make it easy to reroute a data stream around any number of tools.

Both outputs of a Detour tool have to end in either a Detour End tool (to bring the 2 data streams back into 1) or an Output Data tool (to output each data stream).

Configure the Tool

  1. When you add a Detour tool to a workflow, choose whether you want to detour to the left or to the right. Select Detour to the Right to make sure the bypass is through the right side of the Detour tool. By default, the bypass occurs from the left side of the tool.
  2. Connect the tool leading into the process you wish to bypass to the input connection of a Detour tool.
  3. Connect the outputs to both the continue process and bypass process. The unselected side doesn't get evaluated or run at all. That means in the metainfo (columns, etc.) isn't updated for downstream tools, so configuring tools for data passing through the disabled side can become difficult.
  4. After the detour is rerouted, connect to a Detour End tool to unify the data processes into a single stream.
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