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Last modified: September 09, 2021

Docs are available before the release of Designer Cloud so you can get a sneak peek. This content might change between now and the official release.

One Tool Example

Dynamic Select has a One Tool Example. Visit Sample Workflows to learn how to access this and many other examples directly in Alteryx Designer Cloud.

Use Dynamic Select to select (or de-select) columns either by column type or by using a formula. Dynamic or unknown columns are also selected by column type or formula at runtime.

Configure the Tool

Choose the mode for column selection:

  • Select Columns by Data Type: Check the column types to add them to your selection. You can also use the dropdown menu to select based on column type.
  • Select Columns Using a Formula: Columns are selected based on criteria specified via the expression editor.

Using the Expression Editor

Use the expression editor to construct the expression that results in column selection. For example, to select fields containing ID:
FINDSTRING([Name], "ID")>-1

Column information fields are available for building the expression in the Columns and Constants menu (x):

Name Column names within the data stream.

Type of data column.


Length of the data column.

Scale With respect to fixed-decimal data types, scale refers to the digits of precision.
Source Contains the tool or the file the column came from. 
Description Might not contain information. You can add your own column description via the Select tool. The description stays with the column.
IsNumeric Boolean value tests for a number data type: integer, fixed decimal, float, double, etc.
IsFloat Boolean value tests for a float data type.
IsInteger Boolean value tests for an integer data type.
IsStringOrDate Boolean value tests for any string or any date data type.
IsDateOrTime Boolean value tests for any date or time data type.
IsDate Boolean value tests for any date data type.
IsBinary Boolean value tests for a binary data type.
IsSpatialObj Boolean value tests for a spatial data type.
FieldNumber Column (field) number position.

If columns appear in the order A, B, C, then the expression FieldNumber==1 returns Column A.


IsString Boolean value tests for a string data type: string, v_string, wstring, or v_wString. 


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